Bridgewood Farms was originally founded as Montgomery County Children’s Center in 1967.  Over half a century later, our organization has evolved to meet the changing needs of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.  We work to improve the overall quality of life for each of our special needs clients by bridging the gap between the resources available in our community and the unique abilities of each of our clients.

Our work helps to ensure that all citizens of Montgomery County, regardless of their intellectual abilities, have a place where they can come to that provides them with the tools and resources to lead productive lives.  Thanks to the dedication of our staff members and Board of Directors, Bridgewood Farms has become an integral part of the Montgomery County community.

Bridgewood Farms is our clients, our teachers, our families, our staff and our volunteers that come together to support those in our community with special needs and helps them to be the very best they can be!

Bridgewood Farms is a place where people can grow and develop their skills and have the opportunity to KNOW they are contributing to the community. It is a place where our friends’ confidence flourishes as they learn new skills and techniques; it is a place of peace and happiness. There is no greater joy than seeing our friends thrive, learn and increase their confidence in so many ways. At Bridgewood Farms our clients experience being in an amazing place where more than 100 friends enjoy spending time together!

Bridgewood Farms Provides for Our Clients, Our Families, Our Community

We partner with families and the community to allow our clients to soar to their highest potential.

Our Clients

For our clients, we furnish a safe and loving day habilitation program for people with IDD. We offer various activities for clients, including ceramic classes, horticulture, PE & health, continuing education, and Pre-Vocational Training, with the underlying principles geared to skill development and confidence in our abilities, at any level. For a small part of our BWF family, we also provide a residential live-in program. Many social and recreational activities are offered throughout the year such as dances, movies, Special Olympics sports and swimming.

Our Families

For our families, we offer peace of mind and security knowing that their loved one is engaged in a day program that provides them with the ability to continue their skill development in various areas, socialization with their peers and relationship building techniques that help them thrive.

Our Community

For our community, we provide them with the opportunity to engage and interact with our friends who many may deem have limited social or relationship skills. In nearly every opportunity a community member or group becomes involved and has the opportunity to interact with our family, they quickly learn that they are the ones being “helped” and gain friends for life!

History of Bridgwood Farms

Our Start


It started back in 1967 as Montgomery County Association for…

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New Name


In 1971, the organization was renamed Montgomery County Children’s Center,…

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Then in 1978, Sue Nichols and a team of 18…

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Another Name Change


Our name changed in 1995 to Friends of Retarded, Inc.

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Property Purchased


In 1998 our name was changed once more to Bridgewood…

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$150,000 Grant Received


In 2001, BWF received a $150,000 grant from The Cameron…

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Fifth Modular Building


In October 2003, BWF received a grant from The Texas…

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Add Residential Facilities


In December 2005, the Board of Directors and family members…

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Dining/Social Facility


In July 2006, the Dining/Social Facility began with Lake Conroe…

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$250,000 Grant Received


BWF received a $250,000 grant from Houston Endowment in March,…

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Build Third Residential Home


In 2009, BWF received a $75,000 grant from Montgomery County…

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Fourth Residential Home


BWF completed the construction of its fourth residential home also…

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Physical Education Building was Complete


In December 2014, the 5400 square foot Physical Education Building…

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Progress has been ongoing thanks to our dedicated parents, Board of Directors, community partners, and the leadership of Bridgewood Farms.

Our campus has come a long way since its formation in 1967. We have a Vision and a five year strategic plan to continue to grow so that we can serve the special needs community even more!
Our plan includes:

  • Focus on signature fundraising events to develop partnerships and increase awareness, volunteerism and funding
  • Adding teaching staff with addition of new programs and to improve teacher to client ratios
  • Enhance the current physical infrastructure, replacing aging buildings to meet future program needs

Where we have been in the last 50 years and where we plan to move into the future doesn’t happen without the passion and commitment of many. We thank everyone who has been instrumental in the many fine achievements to date—including our community partners who have provided grants and volunteer time to help us make so much progress toward our Vision and Mission!

The first fifty years of our organization has flown by faster than we can imagine! Reflecting on our progress, here are some of the highlights!

A Wonderful Place Where Special Needs Are Met

Bridgewood Farms is a wonderful, caring community that helps those in our area that are considered “special needs” or labeled as “intellectually or developmentally delayed.” It is a place of learning, sharing, caring, relationships and friendships. It is a place where we see our friends thrive as they build their confidence levels becoming an integral part of our Bridgewood Farms community.