We are the premier provider of programs and services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Montgomery County, Texas. In partnership with families and the community, we provide training and life experiences that build self-esteem and promote personal independence, allowing our clients to experience the joys and responsibilities of being good peer buddies and active community members.

Adult Continuing Education

Our educational programs are customized to our client’s individual ability. Subject covered include Math, Science, Texas History, English, Reading, and Interpersonal Skills. We also teach daily living skills including money management, housekeeping, proper nutrition, reading and writing. In most cases we are working to reinforce or maintain these skills, however, our instructors are expertly trained to adapt the curriculum to the unique needs of the individual. We encourage our clients to get creative and discover skills that help them to live independently.

Functional Skills

It is our goal to help our clients gain as much autonomy as possible for independent living, regardless of their disabilities. The needs of our clients range greatly from learning to feed themselves to recognizing the alphabet and writing their name. At Bridgewood Farms we recognize the importance of honing these functional skills:

Functional Academic Skills

Independent living requires skills that are considered academic, and these skills include math and language arts.

Math Skills Depending on individual needs math skills range from telling time and counting to measurement, balancing a checkbook and making correct change.

Language ArtsBasic language arts skills include recognizing symbols and pre-reading to more advanced audio book reading and learning to read bathroom signs.

Life Skills

Basic life skills are taught through modeling the skill and breaking down the task so that our clients understand the specifics of each skill set being taught. These skills may include walking, eating and making simple requests.

Community-Based Learning Skills

To succeed independently in the community, skills are taught in the community setting, and these skills include using private transportation, shopping, making choices in restaurants and using crosswalks.


Cultivating a garden requires great care and patience. Our horticulture program begins with the simple planting of seeds in a garden to the careful and measured development of an entire greenhouse full of plants. Our clients benefit from the opportunity to connect with nature, improve dexterity and coordination all while creating something special to be shared with our entire community.


We encourage our clients to pursue individual interests, and ceramics is a form of expressive therapy that helps improve physical, mental and emotional well-being. Our program is an excellent way to develop tactile functions, explore creativity, build and maintain fine motor skills while making friendships and personal connections. At Bridgewood Farms, we create beautiful, handcrafted products that are available for sale to the public.

Pre-Vocational Training

Our program integrates communication skills and hands-on pre-vocational training so that our clients learn to focus on the task at hand, manage time and follow directions, while interacting with peers and staff members. The goal of this program is to develop the client’s capacity to carry out step-by-step instructions. Some of the projects undertaken in this class are available for sale onsite, such as golf cart & welcome mats, ornaments and plants.


Physical activity is important to one’s overall well-being. The skills acquired in Health and Physical Education are a gateway to other skills we teach at Bridgewood Farms. We focus on creative games that promote teamwork and enhance cognitive function. Sports and activities allow our clients to discover new skills and abilities while building their confidence level. With the completion of our new gymnasium, we are excited to be able to offer physical fitness instruction, rain or shine!

Social & Recreational Activities

We teach social behaviors, foster friendships and social skills among peers and help connect clients with the community at large. The layout of our facility encourages interaction and exchange between classes and field trips, and it helps clients expand their horizons beyond Bridgewood Farms.

We compete in local, regional and national Special Olympics events. Through participation in these events, individuals with intellectual disabilities find their strengths, abilities and success in sports and activities and this helps to cultivate social relationships and boost self-esteem.