There is so much to do on The Farm.

Bridgewood Farms offers numerous programs, activities, and opportunities for teenagers and adults with various types of IDD.

Programs & Services

Bridgewood Farms provides community and services for teens and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We offer a variety of programs and activities that allow clients to have a practical and holistic learning experience, grow in their ability and independence, and have meaningful relationships with peers and the community.

Our goal is to provide quality instruction of real-life experiences in the least restrictive environment possible. Each client has a unique growth plan that is designed to help them achieve personal goals and success.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to learn, succeed, and inspire.

Day Program

Our Adult Day Habilitation program offers a variety of activities that help participants develop practical and social skills.

Areas of focus:
– Art
– Ceramics
– Cooking and Home Life
– Continuing Education
– Health & Wellness
– Recreation
– Horticulture

– Bowling
– Shopping
– Local Restaurants
– Community Service
– Field Trips

– Birthday Celebrations
– Movies at The Farm
– Field Day
– Bocce Ball
– Gardening

Residential Life

Our residential community consists of multiple homes near The Farm and provides a family environment for some of our full-time clients.

These homes are managed by our Host Home Providers, providing a consistent source of oversight, assistance, and encouragement. We do not have rotating staff or shifts as we feel a regular host provides far more consistency and reliability for everyone.

In addition to Day Program services, residential clients enjoy:
– A private suite (bedroom and bathroom)
– Cable, internet, and all utilities
– Regular outings (church, shopping, entertainment)
– Resident activities and hangouts
– Transportation to/from Day Program

Hear from the Bridgewood family!

“My friends are my family! The day program at Bridgewood Farms lets me enjoy learning, making art, and having fun with others.”



BWF Client

“I have a great home with my friends from Bridgewood Farms. I get to have my own life but still be safe and have fun. We make good food and go to fun places.



BWF Client & Resident

“To see a client learn a skill that will forever improve their life is beyond rewarding. The friendships, lessons, and experiences they have here are irreplaceable. To work in a place in which I get to be part of that kind of impact on a daily basis is incredible!”



BWF Day Program Manager

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